Ski Instructor Holding Morse Code Card

Megan’s CP Doesn’t Slow Her Down | Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

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Today is World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! Megan, a thrill-seeking college student at University of Houston, doesn’t let Cerebral Palsy slow her down. Even though she is non-verbal, and typically uses a high tech eye gazing device to communicate, she also relies on an old classic way of communication that was developed back in the 1830’s for electrical telegraphy by Samuel Morse. Yes, morse code is alive and well today. 

Ski instructor holding up Morse Code card for individual on adaptive ski's.

There are times when Megan is unable to use her speaking device. For example, when she is bathing, toileting, swimming, horse riding, and even skiing. Simple short blinks and long blinks determine dots and dashes. So when yes/no communication is not an option, full communication is still available for this non-verbal 25-year-old. Even when low tech is the best option, Megan continues to live life to its fullest. Check out the video below of Megan skiing in Colorado on Spring Break.

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