Jimmy iPad

John’s Success Story

Jimmy iPadEarlier this month, BridgingApps Digital Trainer Jana Rodriguez met with Marine veteran Jimmy. A few years ago his mother-in-law resided in a nursing home, which is where he and his wife Leslie met and befriended John Maynard.

John is a vibrant gentleman living with multiple sclerosis. He enjoys visits with Jimmy and his wife, who share stories and bring him entertainment as they watch YouTube videos together. One of John’s favorite activities is watching videos that showcase motorcycles on Jimmy’s smartphone.

Jimmy realized how much it brightened up John’s face to connect to the “outside” world through his smartphone. Jimmy reached out to the BridgingApps program of Easter Seals of Greater Houston wondering if there were a way that he could help John stay more connected with people and help foster his love of motorcycles.

On their most recent visit together, Jana and Jimmy presented John with an iPad provided by BridgingApps. They spent some time together setting it up and customizing the device to best fit his needs, interests and capabilities. John is excited to practice and learn how to use the iPad on his own. His goals include Youtube, internet searches, and soon messaging. He doesn’t have to wait for visits anymore to search and watch videos, but he is able to independently access content for himself! He is thrilled and looks forward to learning more with the help of his friends.

If you use a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet and are thinking about upgrading, please consider donating your old device to the BridgingApps program.  We recycle them to loan out and provide training to enhance the lives of people with disabilities like John. Get involved and join our Walk With Me Team to provide more devices and training to people in the Greater Houston area!

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