January 2011 Newsletter

Here is what’s new:

  • Added Add Application Form. Added an “Add an application” form to site to make it easy for people to identify applications they like and how they are using them. I will them add them to site.
  • Added Tell Your Story Form. Karen emailed me and asked me to post a Success Story about a young man with Autism who uses an iPod touch to talktohis customers. It got me thinking thathow success stories are what we are all about so i created a form, so if anyone (and i mean you) have success stories you want to share, fill out the form, (send me an email, call meor whatever) and i will post them.
  • New Links Added: I added more important links to the site. Please Visit their sites.
  • Babies with iPads – Great site.Bridget is a developmental/vision specialist. A pro.
  • iPad Application video reviews – Garyis doing great work making videos reviewing apps for kids.
  • iPads 4 Autism .org
  • Site Usage So Far:
  • 357 people have come to the site 646 times
  • 3,193 page were served to357 people
  • 357 per person stayed an average of 5.5 Minutes per visit (this is a great number)
  • 166 People have already watched the videos
  • 17 People are registered members
  • 10Facebook Fans
  • 1 Twitter Followers
  • NEXT Meeting: January 12, 2011, 6:30 PM,First Presbyterian Church of Houston, 5300 Main Street, Houston, TX

How to getInvolved:

  1. Facebook: Come an fan and tell all of your friends to become a fan
  2. Twitter: Become a follower and tell all your friends
  3. Website: Anywhere you can post about the Site and link to it. This helps search engine ranks.
  4. Tell your friends
  5. Give us feedback. Let us know how we can help or what you would like to see. Keep the ideas coming!!

Happy New Year!!

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