Ukraine Communication Boards

Free Ukrainian Communication Boards

With the help of a speech therapist skilled in Augmentative and Alternative Communication or AAC, Russian and Ukrainian native speaker volunteers, physical and occupational therapists and mental health experts, we are creating free printable communication boards that can be downloaded. AAC describes multiple means to support communication such as the use of pictures, symbols, or digital tools, to help someone who is temporarily or permanently unable to speak or write due to injury, illness or a genetic condition. Such low tech boards can be used to facilitate communication between those fluent in Ukrainian and Russian and English speakers, such as social workers, host families, health care professionals, therapists, food bank workers, and others who are supporting refugees and/or displaced persons.

The free communication boards can be downloaded at the links below:

We are also compiling and will publish a list of apps that are available in the Russian and Ukrainian languages and will keep this list updated. If there is a communication board that you would find useful, please let us know. We will also create additional resources, such as videos to help you create your own boards.

We are hopeful for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible, but until then, let’s continue to support organizations that do critical work to support people with disabilities.

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