Focusing on Vision Loss

What is it like to lose your vision?  At BridgingApps we work with many clients who are blind or have low vision.  Some of these clients were sighted and lost their vision slowly over time and others were born with very low vision or no vision.  This feature-length film, “Going Blind: Coming out of the Dark about Vision Loss”, follows the vision loss journey of producer, Joseph Lovett, who has Glaucoma.  He shares what he has learned about how people with little or no vision navigate the world and the many tools that are available to aid them on a daily basis.  The film takes viewers along with Lovett to his appointments with specialists, visits to the Lighthouse to learn about adaptive tools for vision loss, and lets them experience his conversations with friends who have also experienced vision loss.  In honor of World Glaucoma Week, which happens the second week of March every year, the producers are offering free streaming of “Going Blind: Coming out of the Dark about Vision Loss” through April 30th.  You can watch the trailer here and when you are ready to watch the full-length film, there are three different versions available to stream:

Going Blind: Coming out of the Dark about Vision Loss

Going Blind with Descriptive Audio Track for people with low or no vision

Going Blind with on-screen captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing

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