Did You Know? Digital Essentials Video Series

BridgingApps, through the generous support of the CTA Foundation, is proud to present the “Did You Know?” video series. This series is meant to highlight and teach the most helpful and easiest to implement mobile device features and functions that make the biggest impact on a user’s daily life. This series will benefit older adults and people with disabilities who own Android and iOS devices by making them feel more confident and empowered.

Wouldn’t you love to always use your phone without always picking up your reading glasses? Enlarging your font size is extremely beneficial for individuals with various vision impairments that want to enhance their text reading experience on their phone. In our first video of the series, we show you how to enlarge the font on your phone. Videos are available for both Apple and Android devices.

We have also created a handy checklist that you can either print or complete electronically as you go through each of the videos and explore the settings on your own device. Click on the image below to download the checklist:

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