Consumer Electronics Favorite 5: ReBokeh

Welcome to the second week of our “Favorite 5” series, which showcases items of interest among the latest technological offerings. For the full “Favorite 5” list, see “BridgingApps Picks for the Best New Consumer Technologies,” the last section in our recent article “Consumer Technology, Assistive Technology, and the Latest in Electronic Tech.”

Between “needing glasses” and “total blindness” lies a wide spectrum of visual impairments, most classified as some form of:

  • Low vision: natural vision in the range of 20/70–20/400 (i.e., 3.5–20 times weaker than the 20/20 standard used to determine corrective-lens prescriptions), or a field of vision limited to between 10 and 20 degrees (the typical human visual field is 160–170 degrees).
  • Blindness: natural vision in the range of 20/400 or less, or a field of vision no wider than 10 degrees. (A person diagnosed with blindness need not be “totally blind” in the sense of being unable to see any light under any circumstances.)

Legal blindness, the U.S. standard that qualifies a person for disability assistance, is defined as natural vision of no more than 20/200, and/or a field of vision no wider than 20 degrees. Whatever the degree or cause, vision impairments cannot be changed or compensated for with eyeglasses, surgery, or medication.

There are, however, assistive technologies to help people with vision disabilities navigate life. One of the newest is ReBokeh, “designed to enhance vision, not overpower it” in cases of moderate sight impairment. Unlike most low-vision assistive technology, which traditionally uses separate (and bulky) devices, ReBokeh is an app that installs on iOS phones and tablets for easy portability. Once the app is installed, it’s simple to look through the device’s screen for a clearer view of the world.

ReBokeh is also easy to program for individual needs. “Visual filter” settings include:

  • Magnification
  • Color
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • A “presets” function for storing default settings

To learn more, visit the ReBokeh website or send questions through the ReBokeh Contact Us page.

ReBokeh is working on an Android-compatible version of its app. To get updates, sign up at the Android Interest Form page.

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