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Pumps4Kids AppApp Review by Cathy Foreman, MS, RDN, LD

Diabetes management can be all consuming and overwhelming for newly diagnosed children and teenagers and their parents. With a lot to learn, a mobile device app called Pumps4Kids focuses on helping children with type 1 diabetes and their parents learn about insulin pumps and blood glucose control. The Pumps4Kids app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Developed in the United Kingdom, users will want to take notice of any necessary app settings that can be changed to be in line with their familiarity. And most importantly, follow the app recommendation to always work with your physician and diabetes management team with any changes in insulin use and any questions.

As a tutorial app, Pumps4Kids does an excellent job of clearly organizing the information presented. Topics range from a general introduction, to insulin pump basics, alarms, high/low glucose explanations, carbohydrate ratios and insulin sensitivity factors, blood sugar control and exercise, sick day issues and other common problems, and diet basics. A tutorial video demonstrating how to change the infusion set is an excellent addition. An app calculator is included and helps with determining insulin sensitivity factor, figuring bolus doses by using blood glucose levels and grams of carbohydrates, and for returning to insulin injections if necessary.

BridgingApps likes Pumps4Kids as a tool to educate parents and their children with diabetes. It engages users through a mobile device to address some basics of blood glucose control and can be a valuable reference along with a healthcare team, for families concerned with diabetes management.

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