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Recently updated, My PlayHome is a 5-star app. The developer describes it as a virtual doll house. It is a great tool for language development as well as pretend play.

We have used this app with children between the ages of 3 and 8. Both boys and girls enjoy the app. The app is appropriate for children to use independently as well as an assistive app with an caregiver, therapist or teacher.We often use this app with children with autism.

The child can move 5 family members throughout the house and interact with many features in each of 4 rooms, activating elements as they go along. For example, the characters can shower and then dry off with a towel in the bathroom. They can brush their teeth. And, the toilet flushes.

We have used My PlayHome to teach sequencing, following 1-3 step directions, labeling objects and actions, using verb +ing and plurals. We have also used the app for counting and letter identification with the blocks in the bedroom. The app encourages pretend play and an adult and child can interact with the characters, building a story line. The app also encourages increasing sentence length and answering what, who and where questions. For example, in the bathroom when the towel is dropped on the floor, we prompted “Where does the towel go?” and the child responded by moving the towel to the towel rack.

BridgingApps highly recommends this app.

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