An iPad case for special needs

I liked the case the moment I saw it. At the time the mission was to find the ideal case for 7 special needs classrooms for students of all abilities and needs. We were looking for a case that would be durable, protect the ipad and be as versatile as possible. Enter the ZooGue Case Genius. Other than being well made the case as 2 major features going for it:

  1. The Velcro arm design allows the iPad to be at any angle from 0 to almost 90 degrees. This is a huge advantage in special needssituations. See picture above.
  2. There is a comfortable hand strap for one-handed tablet holding when in a classroom setting which is great for teachers.

Notes: I have had one parent tell me that their son who is 5 years old has been able to force the kickstand close by applying enough pressure and does so semi-regularly. So this is something to consider. Most kickstand are either set to a fix angle or are very easy to knock down. This case seems to be a very good compromise.

ZooGue Website:

One thought on “An iPad case for special needs

  1. The case was not so great for my son. The flap the rests on the surface has a cloth face. My son tends to push the device with his finger and even lean into it and it slides across the surface.

    For an adult it is great.

    My ideal case is a Kraken with a stand.

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