Which apps would you recommend for children with hearing impairments?

For children of all ages with hearing impairments, we would highly recommend using headphones to cut down on distractions. For young children, we would suggest music (Toddler Jukebox 12), all Duck Duck Moose apps, and any app from Innovative Mobile Apps (Alligator apps). These apps are customizable, bright, verbal, and users can record the audio voice. Any of the talking animal apps such as Talking Tom, are great for children to verbalize or just make sounds. The apps should be very visual. My Choice Board for expressing wants and needs, First Then Visual Schedule to let kids of all ages know what is coming next or where they are going. Tap to Talk app is free and is a great way to introduce an AAC or communication device. The iPad is phenomenal for hearing impaired, and the apps are endless but these should be a great start.

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