Udemy News | Online Learning Helps Caregivers do More with Mobile Devices

Check out the Udemy blog and read about the creation of our first Udemy course Getting Started with Mobile Devices for Special Needs .  We are proud to have partnered with them and are thankful for their guidance every step of the way.

“When people can’t attend in-person events, they come to the BridgingApps website for answers, but responding to individual queries takes a lot of time. The BridgingApps staff was already familiar with Udemy because a cofounder (now working on other projects) published two courses as an instructor in 2013. They researched other options but chose Udemy because “it seemed like the most user-friendly,” according to Cristen Reat, co-founder and program coordinator of BridgingApps. “Also, the fact that Udemy offers apps on both iOS and Android platforms as well as web-based access is great. Captioning is also important to our users, so to be able to tag our course as captioned was critical.”

Click here to read the blog.

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