Tournez Clamp Mount for iPad (First Generation)

You love your iPad, but it’s even better when you can use it hands-free. With Tournez iPad mounting system from The Joy Factory, you can work comfortably on your iPad anywhere you use it in your home or office–in the kitchen, garage, bedroom, at your desk or in a conference room. The strong, carbon-fiber design is modern and stylish, so it blends in nicely with every dcor. Tournez saves you space, enables comfortable iPad use and provides a stylish way to display information, for example in a reception area or kiosk.

Tournez, Retractable Carbon Fiber iPad Clamp Mount with 360 Angle Adjust is easy to install on a desk, headboard, bookshelf or table. Read books, play games, and share photos and videos comfortably in any room. The Snap-n-Roll(TM) design lets you snap the removable, protective hard shell case into the mount quickly and without hassle. Once mounted, you can move the flexible arm to any angle or height for maximum comfort. The case even rotates 360 in the mount for adjustable portrait and landscape viewing, and it’s compatible with The Joy Factory’s Folio360 Case/Stand. Read recipes, play games, share photos or information and work comfortably anywhere in your home or office–Tournez is perfect for all the ways you use your iPad.

USD $149.95

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