Toca Boca’s 31 Days of Play | Day 18 Featuring BridgingApps

Check out Toca Boca’s 31 days of play! Each day they give you a playful new activity for the month of December, making it easy keep the giggles going all month long. Be sure to read “Day 18” to hear from Betsy Furler, Speech Pathologist and Training/Therapy Coordinator for BridgingApps!

“As a speech pathologist and a mom, I love to use iPads and apps to play with my children and the children I work with. Pretend-play skills are vital to a child’s cognitive and language development. Mr. Rogers once said, “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”

We need to be mindful of always providing children with the time and space for play. Toys can be cumbersome to bring with you on holiday trips, but an iPad is easily portable, and you can load many apps on the device for a variety of activities. There are some awesome apps that build pretend-play skills and facilitate cooperative play — on the go!”

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