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Tech Tips for Summer Fun | Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Summer is almost here again!  No school, no homework, fewer extracurricular activities.  Perhaps where you live is getting back to “normal” or at least adjusting to the “new normal”?  Some of you may be traveling for the first time in a year or more and some may be still sticking close to home. 

Either way, it is a safe bet that at some point you may hear the dreaded words, “I’m bored” from your child or children.  How about some fun ways to keep them entertained while staying active?  Maybe even keeping up with those school skills using games?  Or a creative way to stay hydrated in the summer heat?  All of these apps can be used alone, but they are more fun to do together for “shared enjoyment”.  Many parents and therapists have used these apps for all kinds of sneaky skill development – vocabulary building, learning colors, adjectives, following directions, visual tracking and movement – from the smallest movement to all out gross motor mania! Click the link or image below to read the full Parenting Special Needs article:

Parenting Special Needs Magazine Tech Tips For Summer Fun Graphic

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