STAFF PICKS: Walter Prescher on Staying Organized

Our latest Staff Picks list from our newest BridgingApps team member, Walter Prescher. Besides being a professional Digital Navigator, Walter is a retired Army officer and the father of twelve kids. These are his go-to apps for staying organized and productive.

  1. Structured goes beyond to-do lists and calendars in providing a simple but comprehensive layout for each day—a must-have for people with special need to structure every aspect of life, as I know from my personal experience with neurodivergence and a military background. Structured merges my digital calendar and reminders to provide a one-app view of everything I need to do each day, in a clear outline format. There’s also an inbox to store tasks for later sorting, where they won’t distract you from current work.
  2. Trello is great for anyone who gets overwhelmed by large or group projects. I have to be able to visually see and track progress, and Trello is my best project management tool for that. It allows me to organize any project—solo or group—with “cards” and “boards.” I can set tasks, assign them, maintain a visual view of how each task is progressing, and track collaborative projects on their progress towards completion.
  3. Evernote allows me to easily create and organize information, and to share it between computer and phone. I am a constant note taker, and usually have a journal on me, but I also make copious notes on my phone. My favorite Evernote features are tagging notes so it’s easy to find them again; scanning text—even handwritten items from my journals—into a note; and being able to access notes across devices. I can create and organize notes on the go, scanning things I may need later and knowing I can return to any note via phone, tablet, or computer.
  4. Mint is a great money management tool whether you are trying to get control of your budget, manage debt, or build your net worth. I especially love that it can securely connect to your financial institutions for up-to-date information on financial habits, budget, debts, and investment accounts: if you use that feature, you don’t even have to enter most things manually. 
  5. Dropbox storage allows me to upload files to the cloud so I can access them from any internet-connected device. I am often on the go so I need a way to take important files with me. Dropbox also allows easy sharing of files with friends, family, and coworkers.

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