STAFF PICKS: Tara Rocha on Education

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Time for another “Staff Picks” list of Top 5 recommended apps. Featured topic: Education. “Staff Picker”: Tara Rocha, BridgingApps Digital Learning Specialist.

1. Canva 

A “go-to” favorite: you can create all types of content on the go, including presentations, videos, invitations, signs, graphics, and eye-catching social media posts. There’s much you can do with just the free version, but I’ve found premium well worth the price. Available on iOS, Android, the web, and most recently a desktop app. Canva ranks among the most accessible design apps in our teachers-and-students toolbox. 

2. Duolingo

A fantastic (and free) app for budding bilingualists of any age: course options range from Chinese to German to Spanish. Students progress through a series of lesson levels, earning badges as they go. 

3. Microsoft Office 

The all-in-one Office 365 allows students and teachers to store work projects in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel without needing to download each app separately. Users can also scan PDF files and convert them to Word. Available for desktop and web platforms, or for download to any Android or iOS mobile device.

4. Quizizz

A great free study app for reinforcing vocabulary and other key concepts, Quizizz can be set up by teachers, parents, or students. The app provides a database of user-created activities to work with—or you can create new ones of your own. A perfect review tool, allowing users to test their memories in a game-like setting.

5. Photomath

This free app allows users to snap a quick photo of any math problem, then request a guided walk through the solution process to the answer. Downloadable to any iOS or Android device, Photomath puts an easy-to-understand “teacher key” in your pocket. 

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