STAFF PICKS: Katherine Swarts on Apps for Everyday Living

In today’s Staff Picks post, Katherine Swarts—the BridgingApps team’s Digital Content Writer and self-described “least technical” member—shares her favorite apps for managing everyday life. Each app is as easy-to-use as it is practical. 

  1. BridgingApps reviews calendar apps for every taste and need, but I still love the basic Calendar app that came with my iPhone. It allows users to check day and date at a glance; make basic to-do lists for each day; add recurring tasks to any schedule; and set advance-reminder alerts anywhere from five minutes to a week ahead. Plus, the “Time to Leave” feature syncs current location with appointment addresses.
  2. Notes, another standard iPhone app, is my go-to tool for organizing and tracking long-term to-dos. Another favorite use: like Calendar, Notes syncs with the cloud to update simultaneously on multiple devices; so when I’m out of office and need to quickly note an item for a Word file, the Note will always be on the right device for subsequent cutting-and-pasting to Word.  
  3. Waze is the king of navigation apps for good reason. It syncs real-time information from active users to keep “fastest routes” updated; allows for quick reports on temporary road hazards; and can be set to avoid toll roads or guide users back to their parking spots. Conscientious drivers will also appreciate the alerts for “don’t type and drive” and “you’re over the speed limit.”   
  4. Weather Kitty is a cute app for quick-checking temperature, humidity, seven-day forecast, and other weather basics; it automatically syncs with physical location. The cute “kitty” aspect lies in its photo-banner images, which change every few minutes to display cats in proper mood for the current weather. (There’s also a Weather Puppy version for dog people.) If the free app is too ad-heavy for your taste, a basic paid subscription costs just 99 cents per month, and allows the user to post additional cat photos.
  5. WW, the official Weight Watchers app, is available to Weight Watchers members and nonmembers alike. Besides tracking eating habits and weight, the app provides an extensive database of recipes plus advice on hydration, physical activity, and sleep. A great aid for health-oriented New Year’s resolutions!

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