Spotify Turkey Timer 🦃

Time your turkey to freshly baked Spotify playlists. The average Thanksgiving dinner takes seven hours to prepare—and timing is everything. Spotify created a Turkey Timer that cranks out a special holiday playlist based on the size of your turkey and your Thanksgiving mood.

It’s simpler than setting the table: Select the weight of your turkey and indicate whether it’s stuffed. Then, choose your vibe from one of our six playlists: Bastin’, All the Seasonings, Deep Fried, Fam Faves, Holiday Countdown, or Sabor de Sangsgiving. Songs are timed to play for exactly how long your turkey should be cooking.

Pro tip: Playlists are best left unshuffled—the final track will remind you to take your food out of the oven, as well as call your hungry guests to the dinner table.

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