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Getting Started: For you the Senior

By: Dr. Cristy Gamez-Galka


So you have a cell phone, computer or maybe some sort of a tablet like a Kindle and you’re not sure what to do. Here are a few tips:

What would you like to do?

It doesn’t matter if you have had your phone, computer or other device for years or just a few minutes, you have to decide what do YOU want to do.

Start with one thing

It takes time to learn a new skill and we want you to be successful. Start with one skill to learn. Practice often.

Get support

People tend to learn better when they have some help. Think about enlisting someone to teach you or find a class in your area. There might be someone right around the corner or in your building. You can also go to to watch videos or print out instructional guides.

Take breaks

Remember to take breaks, especially if you feel frustrated. If you go do something for awhile you will be refreshed when you return to practicing your new skill.

Have fun!

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