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Our tech guide is focused for seniors living on their own. It includes a list of the latest home technologies to aide in their independence, allowing them to age in place. Our guide is compatible with screen-reading technology and features large font size, creating a user friendly experience for all ages.

For many families, the idea of an assisted living can serve as an appealing solution for their loved ones; but with the rise of smart home technology independent living for seniors is a more realistic and budget friendly idea to explore.

From everything to automatic stove turn-off devices and medication dispensers to health monitoring sensors there is technology to help your loved one in every stage of independent living, making the aging in place process a more comfortable and less invasive possibility.  

Door Locks and Security Systems: A smart security system allows your family to monitor entrance activity to your home, so they’ll always know you’re safe. Smart door locks let you lock your door no matter your location.

Smart Doorbell: Communicate with visitors from anywhere inside of your home; smart doorbells come with video surveillance, speakers, and microphones for added home protection.

Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerators: Your smart refrigerator keeps track of your grocery list and delivers it to a participating grocery store near you. You can even view the inside of your refrigerator from an app on your smartphone.

Automatic Stove Turn-Off Devices: Automatic stove turn-off devices come with a timer, motion sensors and an automatic shut-off feature to ensure that your kitchen equipment powers down when you want it to.

Automatic Medication Dispenser: Automatic medication dispensers can ensure all your medications are taken on schedule and according to the doctor’s orders. Your dispenser alerts you or your family of missed medications and even provides your physician with detailed reports regarding your medication activity.

Health Monitoring Sensors: Wearable health monitoring sensors communicate physiological data directly to your healthcare providers in real-time. Monitoring sensors can be worn in a variety of accessories to track heart health, exercise activity, chronic conditions and more.

Smart Light Switch: Control the lights in your home using timers or voice command with the help of your smart home assistant or via an app on your smartphone.

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