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Proloquo2Go is a full-featured communication tool that offers a solution for people who have difficulty speaking. This app essentially turns the iPad/iPod Touch into an Augmentative Alternative Communication Device. While this app has much to offer, it can also have quite a learning curve for those who teach it and use it.

Fortunately, the developers of this app offer a free online training in way of webinars. And as new features are added to the app, there is new training offered. Thus, keeping users up to date.

For professionals there is currently a six part webinar series in which each session is about 30 minutes in duration. In each of these sessions you will learn an introduction to Proloquo2Go, how to customize the app, vocabulary customizations as well as adding and modifying vocabulary, backing up your device, word prediction, grammar support, and using iTunes and the App store for Proloquo2Go.

For users, family, and caregivers there is a four part webinar series and each session is about 40 minutes in duration. In each of these sessions you will learn an introduction to the app, how to customize the app, customizing vocabulary, and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Proloquo2Go.

To access training click here.

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    1. Thanks for pointing out this mistake, we have corrected it. There are a number of communication apps that are less expensive than Proloquo2Go. Go to Insignio App Tool/All Communication Apps to read reviews of other AAC apps available.

  1. I am a speech pathologist who would love the free Proloquo2Go training. However, I live in Sydney, Australia. Do you know of anyone here that offers truing?
    Many thanks
    Jo ASztalos

    1. The free Proloquo2Go training offers free training online, so you can access it from anywhere. They also have the training as recordings, so that you can do it on your own time wherever you are. Click on the link above to access. The folks at Northcott may be familiar with Proloquo2Go, so they may have some ideas for you. You can contact them here:

  2. I am a group home manager and have a client who has purchased an IPad and Prologuo2Go program. We have no one at this time that knows program and need to have training so the client can learn how to use program. The client can not speak at all. As well she is challenged.

  3. Hi I am an Assistive Technology Teacher working for SET-BC in Vancouver. I often support school teams and SLPs in supporting training in assertive communication apps such as Proloquo2go. I am requesting training for the new version of proloquo2go version 5.1. Please let me know when you are available in delivering me online training.

  4. We would like a quote for training
    The focus of the training would be student specific (3rd grade student with Autism) to his personal device (proloquo2go on ipad, one ipad for home use and one ipad for school use).

    Topics needed include:
    Training for staff and guardian on customizing – he is now ready to move to longer utterances
    Strategies to incorporate use of device in classroom and home settings
    Hands-on help to complete customization of device ***this may need to be done outside of the training period
    Our main need is for someone that knows how to manipulate the system to do the customization and syncing of devices. The SLP and sped teacher are stretched for time and are both new to this student and the device so the time it would take to \”dig in\” and figure out the ins and outs of the app AND make the needed changes to meet his current needs are too time consuming. Hopefully, by you coming out, we can accomplish getting his device up to date with our new goal of longer utterances as well as training staff so they can become proficient to make future changes and updates.

    At the most, I believe we would have sped teacher, sped paraprofessional, campus SLP, SLP supervisor, and grandmother/guardian at the training. We are hoping to conduct the training in January 2018.

    Charlene Robinson

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