Proloquo2Go Customizing for your nonverbal toddler

This video was created by a parent with a nonverbal toddler and shows how they started to setup Proloquo2Go. I have a link to their blog article below.

We’ve just begun setting up Proloquo2go on our daughter’s iPad. Here’s an initial look at how we’re starting to tailor it to fit her family and life

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One thought on “Proloquo2Go Customizing for your nonverbal toddler

  1. I have been setting up my ipad for my daughter who is 5 with Down syndrome and apraxia of speech. I set mine up as a category in user spaces named her name. You can then go into settings and make that the home page. I copied the home category into the main page of her page and took away the picture to use as a source to copy for making my daughter\’s page. I used the home page categories of basics, categories, comments, help, hi/bye, I need, I want, My places, questions, and home(the proloquo2go library). Under \”I Want\” is a category of something to eat and something to drink which then went to the choices of foods in meal time categories. I\’m trying to find someone who has published possible setups to copy and just do fine editing to match my child. Having a problem finding some good examples though. Otherwise I am loving the program. Good luck to you!

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