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Popsockets for Individuals with Special Needs

Popsocket ImageA PopSocket is more than just a trendy phone grip to make taking selfies easier for millennials. PopSockets are inexpensive sticky little discs that attach to the back of your device and pop out to create a hand holder.

Great for users of all ages and abilities, BridgingApps users with special needs have discovered the inexpensive tech gadget a nifty little life changer. For individuals with low muscle tone, limited mobility, AAC app users, older adults and/or those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the PopSocket makes holding a mobile device much easier.

When the PopSocket is extended users can simply rest the device between relaxed fingers Popsocket Imageallowing the user to more easily hold it while they text, scroll, play games, or shop. Users say they are able to hold their device for longer periods of time and drop their device less. You can also prop the PopSocket on a flat surface to watch videos or view your music playlist.

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PopSockets: Collapsible Grip and Stand for Phones and Tablets are available at Amazon in various colors. Pricing starts at around $10. Click the link below to order:

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