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Parenting Special Needs Article Written By Cristen Reat and Amy Barry

“What are the best apps for back to school?” is a question BridgingApps is asked throughout the year. It is tricky business to state which apps are the best because like many things in life, parents have different definitions of “best!” For some it may mean easiest to use (think hit the ground running) or high quality graphics, for others it might be apps that track data (is she making progress?) or apps that have sharing features to communicate with their child’s teachers or therapists. Even among our team, we have lively discussions about which apps we love the most and why.

At BridgingApps we ask reviewers to look at many different aspects of an app when trialing it with a child who has a disability. We look at alignment with curriculum standards, accessibility features, ease of use, customization features, level of developer support, high quality graphics, and the list goes on. Ultimately our goal is to offer as much detail as possible to allow parents to make informed decisions before purchasing and downloading an app to use with their child. Of course this process involves trial and error, so we invite you to try one or two!

Whatever your definition of best, we have some excellent apps with proven track records that have been vetted for you to consider trying. With back to school right around the corner, we have put together an app list that focuses on various stages of reading development, writing, note-taking apps, telling time, and schedules. Get your app on!

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Parenting Special Needs Article



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