PSN Magazine September 2017

Parenting Special Needs Magazine | Apps for Supporting Independence: The Transition to Adulthood 📱

Apps and mobile devices like iPads, tablets and smartphones can make a tremendous difference in the lives of people with disabilities like ADHD and other difficulties with executive functioning and independence.  These apps can aid in the transition from childhood to adulthood by increasing independence.
For children and young adults with these challenges, trying to be organized and writing things down is frustrating and can lead to dependence on their parents or other caregivers. They often have difficulty getting and staying organized.  They may write hundreds of sticky notes of lists, phone numbers, names, and dates.  The notes can blow away in a big wind or end up crumpled in the bottom of a backpack.  Sound familiar? Then the notes – and all the information on them– are gone! When a phone or tablet is used to keep these little pieces of information together, they are easily accessible and are available at all times.

By organizing information and being able to access the information at all times, the individual will stay more organized and this leads to greater independence.  Independence is vital to successful transition to adulthood!

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PSN Magazine September 2017



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