Papa Chuck Success Story | Older Adult & Veteran Using Mobile Technology

Charles Davis is a US Army Veteran who has been working with BridgingApps’ Digital Trainer, Jana Rodriguez at the AT Lab.  Chuck began exploring the BridgingApps program with his grandson, Air Force veteran, Ricardo Desmore. Chuck is a Hurricane Harvey survivor who helped support his family recovering from the damages to their homes. Because his home was not flooded, he was able to provide them with a safe place to stay.

Chuck has low vision and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, which he receives treatment for at the Houston VA. He uses an iPhone, which has helped him navigate the Houston area despite his vision challenges. Tremors had been causing him general frustration with holding his phone to answer calls, because he was constantly dropping it. Chuck explored some accessories that would help with his ability to grip the phone. He discovered that a shockproof case along with a PopSocket helps him hold his phone much more steadily, and he is thrilled!

He also discussed his frustration with the tremors he had been experiencing that caused him to spill food frequently when he ate. He had a goal of finding a device that could help him eat more independently with fewer spills, as he hated relying on others for meals. After a little research, the BridgingApps team found a smartspoon specifically designed for those with Parkinson’s — that constantly readjusts when moving from a plate to the mouth, reducing food from spilling off. He was thrilled when he trialed the smartspoon and is now using it to help him eat more independently. 

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