NEW Digital Tools for Personal Wellness & Self-Care Video Series

BridgingApps, together with Dr. John Torous and his team at the Division of Digital Psychiatry at BIMDC, created a new video series, Digital Tools for Personal Wellness & Self-Care, that highlights apps for taking care of your mind and body. Each video is a 2-3 minute overview that contains the information you would expect from a BridgingApps review: what the app does, who it might help & how they might use it, as well as information like the developer, whether it is available for iOS or Android (spoiler alert- many of these are available for both), and how much it cost to download and use.

The series includes 20 apps that can help care for your physical health by providing user-friendly ways to do things like track activity & nutrition intake, connect you to friends to be challenged & stay motivated, organize & manage your medications, and even journal your progress; whether your goal is to maintain or improve your physical health. The series also provides a look at apps that provide support for your mental health through activities like teaching you how to meditate & giving you tools for making it part of your regular routine, improving your memory & keeping your brain active through a variety of games & activities, providing a simple way to create support networks for caregivers to reduce stress, and more.

We want to thank the CTA Foundation who, through their generosity and continued support, makes it possible for us to provide these wonderful tools to our clients and their families.

Click the image below to visit our YouTube page and explore the video series for yourself:

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