How to Organize Apps into Folders on the iPad

First tap and hold down an App on the Home Screen until it begins to wiggle.

When the App begins to wiggle you can create a folder by dragging the app on top of another app. The app will then change into a box and the section of the screen below the app will split in two halves. The darker section is the folder you just created. Your iPad will automatically name the folder based on the Apps placed in the folder. For example, if you placed two books together the folder would be called “books”. However, you can custom name the folder by deleting the automated name and changing it to whatever you wish.

Once you have placed all of the apps that you want in the folder you can then move the apps within the folder to organize them as you like.

The maximum number of apps that can be added to a folder on the iPad varies depending on the size of the apps.

When you are done organizing your apps, press the Home button to save their locations and stop the apps from wiggling.

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