Head Pointer and Stylus

il_570xN.544765837_37b9Shapedad has created yet another stylus for a different need. In an effort to address all special needs comfort levels when working with capacitive touch screen devices, they listen carefully to client needs and adapt them in our extensive styli portfolio. While serving head pointer owners with our conductive plugs offering for quite some time now, Shapedad has introduced a self engineered universal head mount helmet. Combined with their existing Mouthstick or Flex Stylus pointer makes it a great match to operate touch devices with the head.

The base product is a headband by 3M that they combined with their stainless steel universal mounting plate. il_570xN.528988307_33u3The plate has two fixation points (one at the back and one on top) for easy adjustment for the individual head. Two tube clamps on the front offer a plug-and-play mounting for the pointer of choice. By default they offer four pointer alternatives; a 12″ and 14″ tube pointer and a 13″ and 15″ flex pointer. You can select the one that you prefer and they will ship it as a complete solutions; e.g. the helmet plus the selected pointer.

This item can be purchased from Etsy.

USD $115.00

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