GoNow Case for iPad and iPad mini


The GoNow Case for the iPad and iPad Mini is a new case by the company, Attainments. It is ideal for an AAC user using the iPad. The solid plastic casing and internal rubber liner help keep the iPad safe from bumps and drops. This added security does not add too much weight to the iPad and is easy for a small child to carry.

The front of the case also includes a switch to access the magnetic lock/unlock feature built into iPads and other controls like volume, power, charging dock and headphone jack are accessible too.

The case is specially designed to acoustically boost sound output from the iPad without the use of batteries or a charger.

Available for the iPad (second, third, and fourth generations) and iPad Mini.


Requires no batteries

Built-in handle

Absorbs shocks

Improves audio

Magnetic lock/unlock switch

Easy access to charging dock


GoNow Case for the iPad:
Size: 8⅞ x 12⅝ x ⅞ inches

Weight: 15 oz. without iPad
2-year warranty

GoNow Case for the iPad Mini:
Size: 6¾  x 10⅝  x ⅝ inches

Weight: 6½ oz. without iPad Mini
2-year warranty


More information can be found at Attainment Company.


For the iPad USD $59.00

For the iPad mini USD $49.00

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