Frog Skin: Waterproof Skin for iPhone and iPad

IOCell Networks Frog Skin iPad Frog Skin is a polyurethane which protects your iPad from liquid, dirt, and various particles that are potentially harmful. There are numerous circumstances and situations that can benefit from using Frog Skin to protect your iPad. Water resistance, screen protection, and finger print prevention are just a few added benefits. It is simply perfect for: Beach, Family picnics, Backpacking, Fishing Trips, Boating, Mountain Biking, Camping, Winter Sports, Medical fields such as Nurses Doctors and Restaurant workers Etc. Each box includes: Two Frog skins with three stay clean seals. Materials: Soft and ElasticThermoplastic Polyurethane.

Frog Skins are available for all the iDevices (iPhone 3GS/4, iPad/2). They are not actually a case, but rather a film-like covering that is clear and wraps around. the device.

USD $17.69

You can order a Frog Skin at a variety of online stores or by contacting Chris Magrane at781-718-4995


17 thoughts on “Frog Skin: Waterproof Skin for iPhone and iPad

  1. This is such a great product! Now I am able to bring my phone everywhere without having to worry about water damage. I love being able to go to the beach with my frog skin to protect my phone.

  2. The frogskin enabled me to take a bath with my iPad
    The frogskin is very helpful when I cook as well.
    I don\’t have to worry about the iPad getting water damage anymore!

    1. Terry
      Yes, you can still use 100% of the iPad or iphone with the frogskin. You\’ll receive all the protection without giving up any of the iPad features
      Call me 781-718-4995 for any further questions

      1. Yes it does. I must say that I frogsking is amazing to cover your iPad from water and dust. BUT it is very thin, so if you want to protect your screen from being scrachted I suggest to put a screen protector before you put the frog skin. Also you can NOT charge your iPad with the frog skin since is like a bag where you put your iPad and then seal it in the back. So I had to cut a little line to be able to fit the charger. ALSO, the speaker is covered, therefore the wavesounds crash with the cover and the quality of sound gets messed up. So I had to cut another little rectangle to be able to listen the music or sounds of apps. In the end some of the \”protecction\” goes away.

  3. Is this a product that you take on and off depending on where you are using your iPad or does it stay on permanently? If you take it off can you re-use it?

  4. I am actually looking at this for patient use in the ICU. We would take the device out for charging a couple of times daily and wipe down the completely wipe the surface of the frogskin at least daily. How long would one cover last with this kind of usage?

    1. Hi Shawn-

      I did some searching around on the internet and could not find the Frog Skins to be available at any of the retailers that carried it previously. My suggestion would be to use large gallon ziploc bags. Just an idea!


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