Beginners Guide to Personal Finance Apps

BridgingApps has become part of the Financial Health Network with the goal of being more engaged and informed in helping individuals and families with disabilities become financially stable. FinTech, or financial technology, refers to using tools such as the internet, apps and mobile devices to manage finances and improve financial health.

Here you will find expertly curated information from our friends at Consumer Action, who have developed an invaluable FinTech Fact Sheet. This easy to read guide defines terms, offers security and privacy tips, and outlines some advantages of using technology tools to enhance financial health.

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Financial technology (FinTech) is the use of modern technology, such as the internet and apps (downloadable mobile software), to develop powerful financial services tools for consumers and businesses. For those who are motivated to improve their finances and dedicated to working toward their goals, FinTech can make the process more convenient, efficient and even rewarding. This guide will introduce you to the types of FinTech tools available and how they can help you. It will also tell you what to consider when choosing an app and how to stay safe when using FinTech.

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