Easy Scroll App with Andi & Megan

In a recent video, BridgingApps team member, Andi, and her daughter, Megan, share how they worked together to find a solution for a technology problem. Megan uses a Tobii eye gaze device with a Microsoft Surface tablet as her primary means of communication. Like most young adults, she wants to use social media, however many of the apps she wanted were not available to her on her Microsoft Surface. In order to address this issue, Megan decided to purchase an Android based smartphone so that she could download the apps she wanted. To avoid having to switch back and forth between screens and reduce fatigue- let’s be real, controlling things with your eyes is a lot of work!- she and her mom discovered that she could use Vysor to share the phone screen to her AAC device (the Microsoft Surface). They then tackled the issue of making navigation on the screen easier since Megan “touches” buttons using eye-gaze. They discovered the Easy Scroll- Automatic Scrolling app. Using this app, which was created for people who have trouble scrolling on their device with their fingers, Megan is able to adjust scroll rate, etc. to fit her needs.

Click here or on the image of the video below to see how they used this app to make Megan’s devices work for her and how this is a game changer for high functioning AAC device users like Megan.

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