BridgingApps’ Three “Top 3’s” of 2023

BridgingApps is all about sharing a variety of possibilities so every individual can find their best options. Rather than wind up the year with a standard “Top 10” list, we’re presenting 9 top media items in three groups of three. Enjoy!

3 Most Popular Reviewed Apps of 2023
Human to Cat Translator
Head’s Up! Charades for Kids

3 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023
Featured Autism App Lists
Special Needs, Opportunities, and the Cost of Living: Extra Challenges for Low-Income Families 
Eye-Gaze Technology for ALS

3 Most Popular Videos of 2023

Cerebral Palsy Awareness 2023 – Traveling with a Wheelchair

How to Add a Shortcut to a Website on the Homescreen of your iPhone or iPad

How to Have Your Text Messages Read Aloud on Your Android Phone Using Accessibility Suite

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