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Unlox is an app for iOS devices that allows you to lock or unlock a Mac computer using a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. It can also lock or unlock the Mac based on the proximity of the iOS device from the computer. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so requires both a Mac and an iOS device that support this version of Bluetooth. As a result, the app will only work on relatively new machines released in 2011 or later. It is also necessary to download the companion Unlox app for macOS from the www.unlox.it website.

The app works very well with VoiceOver and the developer is committed to making it as accessible and easy to use for blind users as possible. Unlox is an interesting app for quickly unlocking or locking a Mac. While it is not essential and may not be practical for everyone, it may be useful in some situations, such as always securing your Mac when you step away. 

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