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Transit • Bus & Subway TimesTransit • Bus & Subway Times app helps you navigate your city’s public transit system. The app provides trip planning, step by step navigation directions and service notifications. The app also works with the Uber, Car2Go and bike share apps for other modes of transportation. It compares times for different modes of transportation to get you to where you are going as fast as possible.

The app works with the transit systems in over 125 US cities and many cities in Canada and Europe. When you enter the address of where you are going, the app tells you how fast you can get there by walking, riding a bike, Uber or public transportation.

Transit – Bus & Subway Times is great for anyone needing to access public transportation. It is easy to use and will help young adults have more independence. It is also helpful for seniors who may have some cognitive decline or motor impairments that make driving difficult.

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