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toca-life-stableBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App to the site:

Toca Life: Stable, the latest in the Toca Boca digital storyboard series, is a fun and educational tool for fostering creativity. This app is an interactive platform that is ideal for game-based learning; because there are no rules or guidelines for playing, users have unlimited freedom in creating their own narratives. The app encourages players to use their imagination by allowing them to select from a variety of avatars, along with a stable-full of different horse breeds and endless opportunities for equine fun. Toca Life: Stable provides users with a virtual horse-care experience, where players can feed and groom their horse, select their own riding gear and horse tack, and choose which course to ride; the woods, the arena and an agility ring are just a few options to explore.

Toca Boca is dedicated to providing safe, fun and educational applications for children, so parents and teachers can rest assured that no in-app purchasing or advertisements are allowed. Toca apps are ideal for early childhood classrooms, as well in OT and ST settings.

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