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Superhero Comic Maker AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Superhero Comic Book Maker – by Duck Duck Moose gives users an opportunity to create pictures and comic strips with superheroes and monsters. The app provides background scenes, stickers with sound effects, crayons and pencils that the child can use to make his pictures. The pictures can be put together and played as a comic strip. Also, a microphone is provided that the child can use to narrate his story. The app provides the child with a large variety of resources for creativity. There are 27 background scenes, more than 170 stickers with sound effects which include aliens, monsters and super heroes with 29 crayons and colored pencils to use. In additional there are 28 coloring pages that can be completed. The comic books that are created can be saved to your Photos and shared with family and friends.

This app can be used to teach following directions, vocabulary, sequencing, spatial concepts, and basic computer design skills such as sizing pictures and moving pictures to make a scene. Also the microphone can be used for the student to make sentences to describe the pictures or for dialog among characters. This app is highly recommended for older elementary and middle school students.

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