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mySugr Junior AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

One of several mySugr apps, the mySugr Junior app uses humor and a little diabetes monster cartoon to actively engage children in the management of their own diabetes care by “taming the monster”. It stands out from many apps with its innovative approach as a communication tool between parents/caregivers and their child with diabetes (the app is installed on each persons device).

A child logs their glucose, food, insulin data and even an optional photo and the app provides feedback. These entries are sent as a message or email to the parents for safe monitoring. A great way encourage self-management. There is even an option when recording data to snap a photo for clarity or fun.

Another quality app by the same developer is mySugr Logbook, a more “grown up” version mySugr Junior. Diabetes Importer by mySugr is another app that imports blood glucose monitor data directly into mySugr Logbook by “scanning” the screen of the monitor. And, there are also several diabetes education apps offered by mySugr.

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