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Mindfulness For Children AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Mindfulness for Children – Meditations for kids is specifically designed to assist children learn how to be mindful through a series of guided meditations. It was co-developed by a psycho-motor therapist and an app developer, who believe that mindfulness meditation is a powerful tool for creating physical and mental stability that can help provide more inner peace and increased energy.

Though the creators of the app designed it to be used with children aged five years and older, we feel it can be used with children who have a cognitive age of four. As the designers point out, it is highly recommended and most helpful for younger children to practice together with an adult. Even the app icon itself, that shows an image of an adult sitting next to a child, underscores this idea of shared enjoyment, adult guidance and time spent together. We feel the app can be most beneficial for children with developmental delays, cognitive delays, ADHD/ADD, anxiety disorders, emotion disorders, LD, and sleep disorders.

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