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forScore is an app that can be used by anyone who owns an iPad and needs to access sheet music. Using forScore allows you to download and store all of your sheet music in one place. The music you download can range from complex professional/ performance music to familiar/ traditional children’s music. Apart from the space-saving benefits, forScore lets you annotate sheet music, create setlists, rearrange pages, add in your own bookmarks, and play along while it automatically changes the page for you. It is fairly simple to use however the user may need some help to set up and find music depending on cognitive levels.

The forScore app can be used by teachers, therapists or clients in a variety of settings. The user will need to be able to set up music to some degree however this can be a great tool to keep music all in one spot. It can be used to work on self-expression, language, reading and overall communication skills by using targeted songs. It can also be used to work on playing music based on what the user’s cognitive level. It is a wonderful tool to hold all music and not have to worry about keeping up with a music binder.

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