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ElfYourself® is an app created for holiday entertainment and it definitely does not disappoint. This app is a perfect holiday addition to share virtual good cheer. Because it is simple to use, and you do not have to register to create a video, our adult users approved of their younger children using it to entertain themselves with family photos. Younger users who used the app uploaded pictures directly from the phones camera roll in a couple of taps. Older children and adults commented that they appreciated the option to select pictures from their social media channel. Regardless of where the pictures were chosen from, the simplicity allowed for a quick and easy way to create an entertaining holiday video.

ElfYourself was a hit with everyone, regardless of age. Parents, grandparents, teachers and kids downloaded this app and had a fun time watching and sharing the fun videos that were easily produced. It was unanimous – all of our users who tried ElfYourself had smiles on their faces and cheer in their comments after seeing their friends™ and families™ holiday videos. We even had some users get up and dance like their character in the videos. Such fun!

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