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Eat & Move-O-Matic AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Eat & Move-O-Matic is an app that teaches the classic concept of “calories in versus calories out” to visually connect a user to the principles of energy balance as it affects body weight.

The calorie content various foods and beverages are displayed on a moving “If you eat:” spin wheel. A coordinating “You can burn it off by:” spin wheel displays many different types of physical activities and the amount of calories each burns. These two separate wheels work together. When the “If you eat:” wheel identifies the total calories of a food, drink or meal, the “You can burn it off by:” wheel indicates the amount of time needed in an activity to “burn” that specific calorie amount.

So, for example, the “If you eat:” wheel may show a snack of two cookies and 1 cup of 2% milk. By toggling the “You can burn it off:” wheel the user can learn that if you are watching TV, it would take 3 hours and 18 minutes to burn those snack calories. Toggle a little further and the user can see that if they were to do some fast dancing those snack calories would be burned in less time at 33 minutes. This is a great visual tool for teaching the concepts of intensity and duration as it relates physical exercise and the body’s energy expenditure.

Because principles of good nutrition go beyond just the calorie content of foods and beverages an important additional feature of the app is the “Protip” area at the bottom of the screen. This area highlights further eating tidbits and nutrition facts for each food/beverage shown after the spin wheel moves.

Eat and Move-O-Matic can serve as an excellent springboard for classroom discussions and easy coordinating hands-on activities.

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