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BridgingApps Reviewed App | Dreidel Match 3 Free Chanukkah Games – Jewish Holidays Addicting Fun

Dreidel Match 3 Free Chanukkah Games AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

Dreidel Match 3 Free Chanukah Games is a fun holiday game. Users must switch and match pictures of traditional Chanukah and other Judaicah items, such as gelt, a menorah, a dreidel, a shofar, and a scroll in order to gain points. The game is timed, and players can choose to play single player or with a random multi-player. Users must be able to point and release, be comfortable with a timed activity, and have visual-perceptual skills that allow the user to discriminate quickly between images with a similar shape and color.

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