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CoughDrop AAC App | Autism Awareness Month Sale 2022

While the need for augmentative and alternative communication extends well beyond any one diagnosis, it’s true that many people with autism find AAC a help when it comes to communication.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April, CoughDrop is giving a discounts on lifetime AAC accounts purchased through their website to try to make AAC more accessible to families and individuals who benefit from communication support.

CoughDrop always offers a 2-month free trial so that anyone can be sure AAC is the right fit before making a purchase, this annual discount allows people the chance to great this incredible communication support at a really incredible price.

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BridgingApps CoughDrop App Review

CoughDrop is a robust augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app that gives a voice to those who cannot speak vocally for themselves. The program can be used with a switch or with eye tracking for those with mobility concerns.

The program is cloud-based so it can be used on nearly any device (iPad, Android, Kindle, Chromebook, Windows device, laptop, and more). This means that a person’s voice is not limited to one device. If their iPad breaks, they can grab a tablet or smartphone and keep speaking. It also means AAC teams can make adjustments to speech boards and content without having to take away the communicator’s device. Edit boards on your laptop while the AAC user keeps using their iPad. CoughDrop is completely customizable, includes a quick start guide for new users, and offers strong support features.

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