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AngelSense Guardian is a continuous monitoring and tracking app with a wearable device designed to know where your special needs loved one is at all times. In case of individuals who tend to wander, it could be life-saving. 

Our reviewer loved using the app and wearable device with her son to know where he was at all times. The continuous monitoring allows the app to update at all times and because of this feature, it was possible to track him during the school day, on the bus and on field trips. During these travel times, safe ride monitoring can be activated which shows a users’ exact transit route on the map, step count, and even travel speeds with ETA times. Our reviewer loved this because it gave her peace of mind knowing exactly where he was. The location playback is a great feature that allows her to replay all activity within a specific location which is great for lost items as she can always go back and check where her son had been throughout the day. 

The assistive speakerphone is a fantastic feature that sets AngelSense apart as it not only allows caregivers to provide their loved one with effective remote support, but it also allows users to build skills for independence. Being able to use the 2-way voice feature to direct a loved one to stop during an elopement, provide emotional support during a behavior episode, or even give medication reminders is absolutely life-changing. As is the 1-way voice feature that allows parents and caregivers to check in and gain a sense of peace knowing that their loved one is safe. Our reviewer found this feature helpful as it allowed her to check in and hear that her son was safe on the bus. While the sound quality was not perfect because the device was fastened into the pocket of his jeans she could hear that the bus driver was speaking nicely to her child. This was reassuring. This feature could also be used to check in on teens at work, seniors who live in an assisted living facility, and it’s great when used with the alerts for late arrivals. As soon as caregivers receive this alert, they can check in to make sure everything is okay. 

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