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Newly updated, this release of Microsoft Soundscape now supports head tracking with the Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Place your phone in your pocket or bag and enjoy a hands free Soundscape experience. Your AirPods will track the direction of your head, allowing you to effortlessly hear the audio beacon and callouts in 3D. If you use Apple AirPods Pro or Max, you’ll need to set them up in Soundscape using the Head Tracking Headset menu.

Microsoft Soundscape is a wayfinding app for the iOS platform intended to be used by people who are blind or low vision. Unlike commonly used mainstream GPS apps, Soundscape does not provide directions to locations but provides a user information about the world around them using a combination of spoken feedback and positional 3D audio. People with visual impairments can use the app to learn about landmarks around them that they may have been unaware of, combine the app with another that provides directions to a location for extra feedback while on the route, or use the app’s beacon feature to find a specific location or landmark.

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Microsoft Soundscape App Review by Aaron Preece, AccessWorld Magazine

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