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Tom Taps Speak AAC for Kids AppTom Taps Speak – AAC for Kids is a simplistic app with a good foundation of words to help non-verbal students communicate. For users that need an Augmentative and Alternative Communication app and cannot afford to purchase the more expensive AAC apps, Tom Taps Speak will do the job very nicely.

Folders are color-coded based on nouns, verbs, adjectives and need-to-know words. The user is presented with 12 folders. Once a folder is tapped, it opens up icons with the word. On the left hand side of the center box students are able to scroll through the other folders and add words to further communicate their needs and wants.

There are no extra bells and whistles on this app. Just note the eraser icon will take the student back to the main screen. After the users taps a folder, the app does try to take the child to the next folder to help them continue a thought. It works sometimes, but it does not always make sense.

Our BridgingApps reviewers use this app in classes with students who are either non-verbal or difficult to understand. Tom Taps Speaks has been particularly helpful for some of our students who are overwhelmed by the more involved AAC apps. It also reduces the frustration level, as it is easier to manipulate.

Suggested IEP Goals:

When given a verbal request and hand over hand prompts by the therapist, the student will activate the alternative communication device.

Upon verbal request, the student will put on the alternative communication device and choose the needed vocabulary page independently.

The student will access ___ icons or switches to initiate a conversational greeting or need with an adult without prompting.

The student will access an alternative communication device to maintain a conversation, with a peer or adult for a ___ step conversational exchange.

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