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Choiceworks & Choiceworks Calendar Apps | Autism Awareness Month 2022

Choiceworks Calendar App

Choiceworks Calendar is a handy picture-based learning tool that helps users learn what is happening day-to-day throughout each month. By presenting the abstract concept of time in a structured, visual format, the app helps useres organize their lives as well as understand sequence and time. Built by the same team that brought you the award winning Choiceworks App, the Choiceworks Calendar is the first app of its kind to provide a full-featured calendar designed with both the child and caregiver in mind.

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Choiceworks App

Choiceworks is an app for helping children complete daily routines and tasks, understanding and controlling feelings and to improve their patience. Caregivers, teachers, and therapists use this app with students diagnosed with autism (verbal and non-verbal), ADD, and other learning disabilities to keep them on task and motivated. The Choiceworks app is high quality, user friendly and students trialed enjoyed using it.

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